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About Green NH Marble

orest Green is a beautiful green colored marble stone. Forest green marble stone is receiving an abundant demand in the domain of home décor. These days when the ambience reflects the mental stature of a person, stone décor is gaining an all time high prominence and preference. The beautiful Indian marble stone comes in green shade with embedded dense green clouds and brown streaks and striations. The fine smooth glow and touch of the stone generate an élan that is just indescribable. Like any other marble stone, Forest green marble stone is a marble stone too. Marble stones belong to the family of metamorphic rocks. The marble stone consists of recrystallized calcium carbonate minerals, calcite and dolomite even more specifically. The word 'marble' itself means that it is a stone that shines and gleams. Marble has been extensively used as a building, construction stone since ages immemorial. The stone has gained a prominence as the most preferred stone for interior and exterior décor. Marble results owing to the metamorphism of sedimentary rocks such as limestone. The beautiful marble stone that forms has an interlocking mosaic of calcium carbonate crystals. The pure white marble is formed from pure limestone and the color variation is because of presence of various impurities like iron oxides, chert, silica, sand and silt. The green striations found in the marble stone are because of high magnesium limestones or dolostone with impurities from silica. These impurities get deeply embedded and fortified because of the immense heat generated during metamorphism. Marble is the style statement of the elegant and royal people. A thing in marble declares sophistication in not so many words. Indian Marble has been used as a construction, sculpting stone since so many ages. The fine texture of the stone, relative isotropy, homogeneity and crack resistance makes the stone most preferred. The low index of refraction of marble stone reflects light only after absorbing it for many millimeters inside. This gives a characteristic waxy (life like) look to the statues sculpted in marvel. This is one very great characteristic peculiar to the marble stone.

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