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About Golden Green Slate Stones

Golden slate / quartzite is a beautiful slate / quartzite is easily identified by its beautiful shades of metallic green, yellow & orange. It is a visual treat to the eyes thus giving a bold statement to any interior & exterior decor. The bright colors of the stone lightens up the interiors and can enhance the brightness in any dark living spaces. The vibrant colors and unique texture make Golden or Golden Green slate / quartzite tiles / slabs perfect choice for interior applications. Due to mica content in the Golden Green slate / quartzite stone the natural sheen that it carries is simply unmatched and beautiful. The color variation that Honed Golden Green slate shall be as its natural ones: it shall exhibit gold and gray with a tendency to veer to greens or orange.

We at Associated Natural Stones ( ANSI India ) strive hard to provide our clients with quality, innovative natural stone products that try to bring little change to your life & bring you closer to the Mother Earth.