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Mixed Pebble

Mixed pebble obtained via tumbling of small rock fragments of mixed. As the name suggest it contains a vide multicolor streaks & have the ability to blend in any environment thereby fitting any design or style concept. Because of this they make for one of the best landscaping material to use for swimming pools, garden, Water falls etc. There are lots of benefits that rainbow pebble stone provide when used. They are aesthetically pleasing besides being stylish and modern to look at and they also provide for that sophisticated and timeless presentation that gives you all the advantages of a good looking surrounding.

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Classification Pebbles
Offered in Blacks, White, speckle, Mixed, Natural Grey
Finishes Offered Natural
Standard Specifications Pebbles Tiles
Recommended Applications Interiors & Exteriors
Bargain Sizes 300 x 300 x 11 mm 12
Delivery 30 days

Technical Specification