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Your choice of an edge is no small detail. There is no substitute for the dramatic effects that can be achieved by adding natural stone special edge pieces to your home. ANSI India enhances the natural beauty of your stone countertops by offering a wide range of custom edge profiles on all of our stone countertops. A proper edge profile adds impact to the beauty of a natural stone slab surface and helps integrate it into the overall design of the room. With many profiles to choose from, we have an edge that will reflect your personal taste and style. With the right edge detail, your slab is sure to make a striking and lasting impression.

Edges add the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen countertops and are a cost-effective way to add personality to your kitchen. Beveled edges enhance kitchens with traditional décor while bull-nose and half bull-nose rounded edges complement contemporary kitchens. Edges are available in a variety of thicknesses - ranging from 2 cm(¾") and 3 cm(1¼") thick to 4cm(1½") (laminated).

Flat Edge
Half Bevel
Half Bullnosed
Demi Bullnosed
Full Bullnosed
TB Quater Round
Ogee Edge
Ogee Bullnose
Waterfall Edge
Dupont Edge
Cove Ogee
Cove Edge
Arris Edge
Reverse Bevel
Quater Bevel

Laminated Edge Profile

Bullnosed Edge
Quater Round
Quater Round
Bevel Edge
Double Bevel
Miter Edge
Laminated Ogee
Ogge Bullnose